Panda Mami Chester Menu 2020*

with Satay Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Curry Sauce, Chilli Oil, Tomato Ketchup
Prawn on Toast
Vegetable Spring Roll
Deep Fried Nuggets
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Deep Fried Onion
Deep Fried Crab Claws

Crispy Duck
with Pancake, Leek, Cucumber & Hoi-Sin Sauce.

White Bread
Brown Bread
Indian Poppadom
Garlic Bread
Cheese Bread
Prawn Cracker
Thai Prawn Cracker

Sweet Corn Soup
Turkey with Mixed Vegetable Soup

Special Dishes
Salt & Pepper Chicken
Salt & Pepper Beef
Salt & Pepper Squid
Salt & Pepper Fish
Szechuan Chilli Chicken

Chinese Dishes
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce
Mushroom with Oyster Sauce
Photo with Butter Sauce
Chinese Ribs
King Prawn with Lemon Sauce
Turkey with Special Chinese Sauce
Char Sui with BBQ Sauce
Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce
Shredded Beef with Chinese Sauce
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Indian Dishes
Chicken Korma
Chicken Masala
Lamb Curry

Thai Dishes
Tom Yum Mixed Seafood
Thai Massaman Curry Beef

Japanese Teppanyaki
with Garlic & Spring Onion Sauce, Teppanyaki Sauce, and Special Chilli Sauce
Beef Steak
King Prawn
Chicken Fillet
Fish Fillet

Japanese BBQ
Beef Skewer
Turkey Skewer
King Prawn Skewer
Vegetable Skewer
Hot Dog Skewer

Japanese Sushi
Christmas Turkey Maki
Vegetation Maki
Seafood Maki
Seafood Nigiri
Seafood Sashimi
Sea Salt Edamame
Wakame Seaweed

Korean Pickled Kimchi
Radish Kimchi
Cabbage Kimchi

Christmas Roast
with Yorkshire Pudding, Seasonal Vegetables, Gravy and Peppercorn Sauce
Chinese Char Sui
German Elbow
Argentina Beef

Side Dishes
Thai Turkey Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

Remember to leave room for our lovely dessert

*All dishes may not be available to serve at same time, Subject to availability